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Fitness Trial

The structured is located in an area which is ideal for running or biking through nature.

You can embark on an 11 mile-long scenic hilly itinerary (paved with a few sections of dirt road) through typical towns (Martani, Costa Stradivari, Bacedasco Alto, Cortina di Alseno), beech woods and vineyards.

Alternatively, one can opt for a 4 mile-long hilly itinerary trail through forests of chestnut, oak and autochthonous olive trees. In this case the itinerary begins in the Borgo di San Lorenzo and goes up to Località Martani, to then return along the scenic ridge overlooking the estate's olive orchards with a view of Castell'Arquato and the entire valley.

One can also go for a relaxing walk or run along a 4 mile-long level dirt road surrounded by shady farmlands, beginning in San Lorenzo all the way to the town of Lusurasco. For those who are physically fit, this itinerary may be lengthened by another 3 miles by continuing from Lusuraco all the way to Fiorenzuola. This part of the itinerary also passes through fields along a flat dirt road with some paved sections.

Another option for training, walking or riding a mountain bike is a particularly scenic 6 mile-long rolling itinerary which leads from San Lorenzo to Lugagnano passing by the tourist resort of I Pallastrelli. It borders the Arda stream and allows you to view every angle of the Medieval Roman fortress of Castell'Arquato which overlooks the famous fossil-rich gullies projecting over the valley.

The Arquata Circular Itinerary came about several years ago. It was conceived by Pietro Bersani to give the Provincial Committee Fiasp of Piacenza a permanent training area for those engaged in competitive sports, but particularly to offer walkers a typical, evocative itinerary through the hills of Piacenza.

Due to its position, its variability and the diversification of its itineraries it offers the very best that a track athlete/walker expects. First of all the typical trattoria, the country roads alternating with paved sections, the climbs and descents, the countryside with its vineyard plantations (the area's primary resource), pasture lands and small towns (Cerreto Vigolo Marchese…). You then cross the medieval town of Castell'Arquato (City of Art) with the Keep of Farnesiano, the Viscount's Fortress, the Major's Palazzo, the Romanesque Basilica, the Museum and the Collegiate Cloister, the Geological Museum of the province of Piacenza and the Luigi Illica Museum.