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This point of excellence, which may be consulted electronically or in hard copy, gives you the chance to satisfy a wide range of interests: a thousand volumes dealing with art and painting with monographs, documents, catalogues or public and private exhibitions and encyclopedias of the history of art: amoung all these, the prized FMRicci collection stands out like a jewel, combining art and history. There are just as many volumes dealing with every historical time period: from prehistoric times to the great western and eastern civilizations to the present day. There are encyclopedias and monographs, the most notable of which is the Einaudi collection of twentieth century history.

The children's library contains the classics in printed version dating to the early, mid and end of the century. There are small volumes for aspiring readers aged 0 to 4 years, animal, science and nature encyclopedias for children up to 14-15 years of age, collections of comics to suit every taste and magazines of natural sciences, botany and gardens.

There is also a high percentage of volumes of western and eastern literature, in the original language and in Italian; an everlasting evidence of the culture of living and/or buried civilizations all the way to 2008 which is continually updated.

The library also contains rare volumes dating to the 700s, 800s and early 900s which belonged to the family library. They include works by Puccini, written by Illica and Giacosa.

Economics, finance, the law, science, psychology (the classics and manuals), as well as cuisine and sport offer a promising outlook on various interests, not least of which the interest for the city of Piacenza and its history (two entire shelves with rare editions), for Tourism (Touring guides from 1930 to 1944 and more recent ones from 2000 to today), for architecture and city planning. A curious and assiduous reader may, at any given time, consult the Treccani Encyclopedia numbered edition of 1942, with updates until 2008, as well as the Treccani Encyclopedias of the Sciences, of Physics, of the Italian Language, the Dante, the Virgilio and the Universal Lexus.

The reading area may resonate with the sounds of vinyl discs and the video library