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Breeding Horses

The horse farm began in 2009 thanks to the owner's passion for the world of horses. The choice falls on the Italian saddle horse (IS), a jumping breed. The heritage is represented by breeders of prized European genetic lines: -Daysi van d'Emillion (Emillion * Gold Sky) -Don Ophrys Car dell'Orchidea (Don Bito Van den Helle*ArabescoXX) The first foal born in 2011, Athina d'Illica (Staron*Emillion*Gold Sky) IS female, confirms the traits of the breeder Daysi and proved well for the 2012 birth of Bauci D'Illica (Contendro I, Don Bito vd.Helle) from Don Ophrys. Her sport life starts in year 2015; Her brother Galileio (Cascadello II*Don Bito* ArabescoXX) stallion, born in 2014, will follow her. The horses are kept in the stables of Palazzo Illica, a building rectangular in plan, with a single pitch, which is characterized by massive supporting pillars made out of solid bricks. The large boxes (70 ft²) for the breeders are surrounded by paddocks which allow the animals to remain outdoors during the day. The nickers the horses make as they await their share of hay delight the guests who may approach the horses and observe all the tasks necessary to the management of a horse farm.